Photography translates from moments to memories.


Who am I ?

I’m Paul Regan and I am a Wedding photographer, working in London and other locations around the world. I specialise in Sports, Wedding and Corporate Event photography.
I am a reportage style photographer and love to be at the heart of the action, so that can capture a glimpse of people being themselves, experiencing real emotions, with no staged poses or interruption.

Although I am London-based, I travel to other areas throughout Britain as well as locations abroad. From Dubai and Thailand to Spain and the USA — no destination is too far out of my comfort zone.

Wedding & Events Photography

For Weddings, I like to get to know the couple I am working with, especially as on the day, we are going to be together quite a bit as I take pictures of how the couple experiences the event.

It’s your day and I feel humbled enough to be invited and part of it.
There are many things that you think about – Florist, Cars for Aunties, getting Page Boys dressed, keeping Page Boys dressed – I am just there to capture the treasured moments of a very special day.

I am with you from the morning all the way through to when your night time guests arrive, cutting of the cake & first dance.

Sports Photography in London

The MMA Boxing Events I have had the pleasure of capturing through a lens can be viewed on my Facebook & Instagram Accounts

I have played various sports since school and only over the last few years have I taken an interest in MMA & Boxing Events in London and abroad. The training, hours of drills, it becomes a lifestyle and then – you are at the Cage – your coaches have spent weeks, days, hours getting their fighter ready for this moment. Then it’s all down to the fighter.

My sports photography work has ranged from live action sports to A-list celebrities and events



Nightclub Photographer – What a great way to get ready & spend your weekend and the memories of you & your friends out in some of the best clubs in London, Barcelona, New York & Vegas !!!


Photography services from Paul Regan.

Paul Regan

Founder & Lead Photographer